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The Real

Real talk, in Real-time, with Real experiences. Welcome to The Real.

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#Realtalk, in Real time, with #Real experiences. Welcome to #TheReal! Episode 12: The importance of aiming for and finding your #PASSION in life. In the world we live in today, we often observe in others, or even ourselves, that there is a lack of drive and passion in the route we have decided to embark on professionally. This is because many of us #fail to truly seek that passion through introspection and self-learning, as it is crucial for us to look within ourselves first and foremost, and ask ourselves what it is that we would like to #pursue. Following this undertaking, we must aim to #teach ourselves #skills and #talents continuously through erudition and experimentation. This is because one cannot truly know what they excel at or would like to do until they find themselves doing it, and something clicks in their brain, when they suddenly realize that they have found their #calling, and are not only working to survive, but thrive. Hence, we at The Real encourage you to go forth, #experiment, fail, and to not be afraid of looking the fool. For as the saying goes, “The fool is the precursor to the hero.” _ #Share your #thoughts with us in the comments, as your input is highly valued. What other topics would you like to see us discuss? _ Watch the full episodes and join the conversation at (link in bio) Or Listen in your favorite app on the go! Our podcast is available on 10 platforms including SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. #StartupMinute #Originals #TheRealshow

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