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Entrepreneurial what now?

Entrepreneurial media network aiming to build a global video community powered by passion and serve as a Launchpad for people to get started.

Why it matters

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

What makes us so entrepreneurial

Well.. we started with an idea for producing a series of videos interviewing entrepreneurs on how they got started. And now this:

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We're on a mission to build the next video-sharing social network and ultimately serve as the initial platform on the web to help people get started.

Crazy, right?


Yeah, we thought so too!


Well, we envision the future of Startup Minute becoming a group of companies: production, originals, news, network, academy…

You know what’s crazy also?

  • Being uninspired, unmotivated, and unaware while being unemployed

  • Having great talent and potentials yet remaining untapped, unnoticed, and unseen

  • Being unable to easily find localized timely quality video content delivered by reliable real experts and entrepreneurs in your field and industry

  • Getting used to waiting for global platforms to emerge while finding it crazy to build the next video-sharing platform and ride it all the way to the top

  • Trying to get started on FB, YT, IG and finding out that..

  • Silly dance videos are taking over the web

You know what’s cool?

  • You are, for reading this

  • Entrepreneurship, lifelong learning, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, growth

  • Connecting more deeply and emotionally with those you seek to influence

  • Sharing relatable moments with people who get what you do

  • Providing mentorship, advice, and empathy to help others reach their career goals

  • Reviewing and sharing tips about your favorite products and technologies

You know what’s really cool?

  • You still are

  • Conscious entrepreneurship

  • Resourcefulness, persistence, perseverance

  • Getting comfortable with video now while it’s still differentiating

  • Realizing that Startup Minute can serve a higher purpose

  • Spreading the entrepreneurial culture through News and Spotlights

  • Starting from the end and actually getting people and organizations from across the globe interested in joining our yet-to-be video-sharing entrepreneurial network

You know what’s exciting?

  • Video is one of the most powerful forms of communications for relationship building

  • Two key workplace trends are creating the perfect environment for you to make video your most prominent form of business communication: remote work and oversaturation of text-based communications

  • Being an influencer or online content creator is one of the most sought-after careers today, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to rise to prominence on incumbent platforms.

  • As YouTube and Instagram have scaled, it’s tough to stand out in the sea of aspiring influencers, particularly when their algorithms direct users to creators that already have large audiences.

  • We believe video will ultimately replace email and texting as a more powerful and valuable medium. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

You know what’s really exciting?

  • Creating a video-sharing platform that enables people to accelerate learning, build authority in their fields, and unlock features to grow their network, influence, and income

  • Identifying the one thing for which you want to be known to create effective personal branding, stand out from the noise, and be recognized and remembered

  • Allowing people to easily apply to jobs through short videos and saving HR time and resources in the hiring process by allowing them to check their channels for further insights into their work, interests, and personalities

  • Joining us on this journey to help inform, educate, inspire, and empower more young people across Lebanon and beyond

Startup Minute logo

Shhh… don’t tell anyone.

Hold on.. We are currently relaunching our video platform, the media network for entrepreneurs, experts, and young talents to GET STARTED!
Stay tuned! Until then we look forward to seeing you on our social media pages.

In the meantime, enjoy watching the latest episodes of Startup Minute Spotlights, Startup Minute Originals & our User Generated Content!

In Favor

#Infavor goes in line with the #2030Agenda for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs.

Tik Talk

Targeting the youth to inspire them be more proactive and creative when penetrating the corporate world.

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الجيل زد (Generation Z) هو الجيل الذي يلي جيل الألفية. ما هي النصائح الأساسية لإشراك الجيل زد في مكان العمل؟ وما الأساليب التي يجب مراعاتها كمدير إذا كنت تريد الاستفادة الكاملة من الفوائد المتعددة التي تقدمها هذه المجموعة إلى الطاولة؟ قد تكون إدارة الجيل زد في مكان العمل صعبة. ومع ذلك ، مع الصفات الفريدة التي يجلبونها إلى الطاولة ، والشعور بالعولمة وحب التكنولوجيا ، يمكن تسخير قوة هذا الجيل الشاب بالكامل. نظرًا لأن الجيل زد لديه طريقة مختلفة بشكل ملحوظ في رؤية العالم والتفاعل معه مقارنة بالأجيال السابقة ، يجب أن تكون الشركات مستعدة لتعديل ممارساتها وإعادة تقييمها. كما يُتوقع من الشركات إظهار قيمها التي أصبحت أكثر وضوحًا وخاضعة للتدقيق بسبب زيادة الرقمنة. تؤثر تطلعات هذه الموجة الجديدة من الموظفين على استراتيجيات الموارد البشرية وتدفع المنظمات لتوضيح وإعادة تحديد الغرض منها. إذن ماذا يعني هذا للعمل؟ اكتشفوا كل هذه الأمور في هذه الحلقة الجديدة من برنامج تيك توك مع خبير تنمية المواهب جوزف متى ومديرة الموارد البشرية لشركة هولدال أبــو عضل غروب روزالي سابا. @MattaJoe9 @HoldalGroup #TikTalk #GenZ #HR #HRM #miniHR #HRManager #job #jobs #jobsearch #JobHunting #JobOpportunities #jobadvice #وظيفة #الوظيفة #إدارة_المواردالبشرية #جيل_الألفية #الجيل_زد #الحياة_المهنية #بيئة_العمل #تنمية_بشرية #تنمية_الذات

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Startup Minute News

Staying informed, inspired, motivated, and entertained is easier with Startup Minute News.

Season 2

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#StartupMinuteNews season 2, episode 1. @ZainBahrain signs an MOU with Flat6labs Bahrain to support innovative startups in the Kingdom - Source: StartupMGZN. Basma, the Beirut-based digital dental startup, secures US$1.2M Seed funding and opens up access to simple and affordable orthodontics in the MENA region - Source: MAGNiTT. Saee, a Jeddah-based startup providing last-mile delivery through freelancers, raises $2.4 Million in Series A funding to fuel local expansion - Source: MAGNiTT. Homzmart, an Egyptian-based online home furnishing marketplace raises $1.3M Seed funding from regional investors including MSA Capital, Oman Technology Fund (OTF), EquiTrust (Choueiri Group Investment), with participation from @500Startups among other strategic investors - Source: MAGNiTT. @LinkedIn reaches 675 million members, continues to see 'Record Levels of Engagement' according to @Microsoft - Source: Social Media Today. @Apple is now worth more than Germany’s 30 leading companies, that’s the entire DAX 30 index - Siemens, SAP, Allianz, Volkswagen, Adidas, BASF, Henkel, BMW, Lufthansa, Beiersdorf, and 20 others - COMBINED. Source: Financial Times. Hummers are back with a jolt - General Motors' Hummer vehicle line ended in 2010, but it'll return with an electric twist. Source: Mashable. _ Startup Minute News is hosted by @MyAllawi and @Mlhmbeik. This episode was directed by @Ali_h_Hamouch and edited by Watch the full episodes and join the conversation at Or Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

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Season 1


Arabnet Beirut 2019

Arabnet Beirut X Celebrates 10 Years of Tech & Innovation!

She's Entrepreneur Day 2019

An Inspiring Initiative by Makhzoumi Foundation.

Touch Innovation Program 2019

TIP’s third cohort startups and Touch mentors kicked off the TIP Mentoring Program.

Staccato - Experiences Matter

Music lovers... this one's for you!


Kev in the Kitchen

Kevin Abdulrahman the man inspiring millions shares some food for thought to help you Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!

Bitcoin du Liban

Meet Sarah and join her on her journey to discover Bitcoin in Lebanon.


Replenish your lifestyle with Rebecca Labaki.

Marc Menard

Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author of "All for a Purpose" Book.

Samer Korjieh

Film maker - the best travel video

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A huge part of who we are and at the core of everything we're working to achieve is establishing ourselves as the media network for young entrepreneurs, a place on the web for you to get started and stand out. Say hello to our amazing new user @Samer.Korjieh who just joined our entrepreneurial network and submitted this incredible video now available on to watch and enjoy. Samer's description: _ العمل هيدا كان المفروض يكون لمدينتي صيدا، بس لعدة أسباب مش رح أذكرها خلتني إتراجع وأعملها لمدينة اسطنبول ويللي هي مدينة سياحية بامتياز، ولأني أيضا من المهتمين والمحبين لدولة تركيا هالعمل أنتجته لعدة أهداف ١- كأول نظرة لهالعمل، وكأول مشروع خارج لبنان، وعمل فردي، حبيت بيّن فيه من قدراتي لعمل مشاريع مختلفة ٢- بناء مشروع لإنتاج محتوى دعائي بشكل غير المعتاد و لِلَفت الإنتباه أكتر، منها ل بلاد سياحية، مكاتب سفر، شركات طيران، وما شابه من الأمور ٣- بناء علاقات خارج لبنان، والعمل على المشاريح بحرية وبالأفكار الجديدة أنا من المتفائلين، بس في عندي استياء كبير من بلدي لبنان منذ زمن لعدم إهتمامها بأصحاب المهن يللي خلقت من موهبة، ويللي عندهم شغف وطموح. أنا تركت دراستي الجامعية بالهندسة متيقن إني خلقت لهالمجال، ومن وقتها ل هلأ عم عيش كل يوم وتفكيري يتمحور مع ما يتعلق بصناعة المحتوى، ودائما على تطلع للمستقبل، وإن شاء الله حاليا تحت إعداد عدة مشاريع في آنٍ واحد، ويللي هو تحدي كبير لإلي، إما النجاح، أو إعادة النظر بالمشاريع _ What are you passionate about? Become a Startup Minute user. Join a video community powered by passion. Share your message. Share your passion. Share your story. Start this minute.

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The Greenhouse

Home to Chalhoub Group’s retail technology accelerator and Ibtikar, its in-house incubator for Chalhoub employees.

Jalal Achkar

Jalal's Office Adventures!

Beirut Records & Entertainment

A ledger of some of Lebanon's most expressive hearts.

Sarah Rifai

Helps you grow and monetize your brand.

Abdallah Sabra

The Couple Bites!

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Experienced Talent Development Practitioner who has developed the human potential of 5k people so far. My background is a mashup of both Local and International stories, combined with my personal experiences with several NGOs. My passion to work with youth has led me to start my own initiative, Tik Talk, a 3-season web show and podcast that offers generation z and millennials tips and practices on how to engage successfully in the workplace.

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