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Welcome to RAW where we give you things exactly as they are from the perspective of an unapologetic Arab woman.

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Welcome to #RAW where we give you things exactly as they are from the perspective of an unapologetic Arab woman. Episode 2 hosted by @JanaJamaleddine: How to deal with a CRUSH and when to let the FANTASY element of the crush GO. It’s very common to get super-excited over a crush or new person you’re seeing. This is all totally natural, and fun… in most cases. We tend to put new love interests on a pedestal and romanticize everything about them. While these feelings are natural in certain cases, they can also spiral out of control and have a negative impact on your self-esteem and mental health. The crush is such a fun place to be in because it’s like fantasy when it’s really just your own story that you are in with this person and they don’t need to know about it or understand it... It’s all for you. Most often, you should keep it a crush and enjoy it rather than taking action towards making it real because they might just ruin it once you find out more about them. The other thing is that we live lives where we got to be so focused on reality all the time and sometimes it’s like let your imagination run wild like it did when you were a kid and then use the adult maturity you have to reel that back in when it’s time to actually do the real thing you got to do. Once a prospect element moves into the space, you have got to take a whole other stand.. you’re no longer in the clouds.. your feet got to be grounded and rooted in protection of you. Don't be fooled by that beautiful image you had painted about them in your mind to the point where you're not paying any attention to the new things you're learning about them and falling in love with the person you thought they were because this would only lead to disappointment. That's it... The key is knowing how to pull the kite in before it gets way out of control, and before you get trapped in the vision vs in acting with action and intention. _ Watch the full episodes and join the conversation at Or Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! #StartupMinute #Originals #RAW

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